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Date: April 10th 2018
Thank You – From all of us at Rubaroo!

Dear Srinivasgaru, and the entire Totem team,

We are extremely glad that we have partnered with you over the last six months and gotten to know you. Thank You for all the visibility that you have brought in to our programs through your incredible work.

We understand that this is anyway part of your work, but the processes of reporting back to us, sharing such a neat and detailed hard copy, and ensuring that every bit of coverage comes back to us (no matter when published), is something to learn from. We are truly inspired by your perfection in ensuring everything is in place. You and your team are extremely professional in the way you provide your services.

We really appreciate working with you! Thank You so much, and we look forward to staying connected with you!

CEO & Co-Founder, Rubaroo

Date : 24/11/2016

Naresh Chandra Gelli, FCA

Testimonial for Mr Srinivasulu KM, Executive Director of Totem PR Agency

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India had its International Conference for members, at Hyderabad on 22nd & 23rd October 2016 at HICC, Hi-tech city, Hyderabad. This is the 1st time, a conference of this magnitude with large number of International speakers and members from all over the world participating in it.

During the preliminary discussions, we had to identify a PR agency, which could cover our event at not only the local level, but also at National level.

In this context, our members started to search the PR agencies from Delhi, Mumbai and other major locations and there was major competition in terms of Pricing, coverage etc.

I was very clear, that I would refer Mr Srinivasulu and he could be very competitive, professional in his service, fits our requirements and finally has huge experience in this line of activity.

After our team had reviewed all the quotes, M/s Totem PR agency was awarded the job of taking care of the Press and TV coverage of the 1st International Conference.

We had a Curtain raiser press conference which was covered in at least 20 news papers, more than 10 TV channels.

Also during the event, the message of the Chief Guest Sri Venkaiah Naidu, ICAI President, and all the events for 2 days was covered extensively in local, national and online media.

ICAI president has expressed his gratitude for the excellent coverage and he is keen that we take the services of Totem PR for all our ICAI events in future.

I wish Mr Srinivasulu, of Totem PR all the very best in all his future endeavors

Naresh Chandra Gelli V

Chartered Accountant

Taranum. Mohammed – Talwalkars.BVF.Ltd

Talwalkars BVF Ltd is chain of fitness centers with 156 gyms in 78 cities across india.
Talwalkars BVF Ltd participated in DEVIL CIRCUIT on 13th Nov’16 with 135 participants across Andhra & telangana 10 gyms.

In BNI meeting seeing his 30 secs every week on the work he does and presentation of his PR work. I was very clear my next event I would like to give a try to Mr.Srinivasulu’s PR services.

We had one meeting and we expressed clearly what all we want to cover in this event. The event was released by 14 newspapers both telugu & English with appropriate message going to all the audiences.

The cherry on the cake was expert PRESS NOTE written personally by Mr.srinivasulu for the press release. His experience of 23 years in press note writing was prominently visible in all the releases.

First time ever TALWALKARS BVF LTD was in 14 newspapers with right message being released.
Thanks you so much TOTEM PR services for the alluring services you provided. I would strongly recommend TOTEM PR services for all the MEDIA & PR needs.
We wish Totem Pr all the best in their future endeavors.

Diyanat Ali – Director

I am Diyanat Ali, founder of ourlife adventures pvt ltd and great hyderabad adventure club
We are in the business of adventure outings, outbound training and adventure travel. We help organizations build high performing teams and inspiring leaders through experiential education. We also specialize in adventure based learning and adventure travel.

Mr.K.M Srinivasulu had been our PR partner for the signature events of hyderabad triathlon and hyderabad rockathon

They had advised us on how to get good PR coverage and helped plan the PR and media relations very well. They took care of the press release and coordination with all media from creating awareness through pre event press release and also handling the post event coverage in all newspapers and tv channels.

Totem PR and advertising has the expertise and good will in the media industry and always do a comendable job. I am very happy to be working with them.

I strongly recommend Mr.K.M Srinivasulu of Totem Pr and advertisement for any and all prand media needs.
Wishing Totem PR all the success.